A handy flyer about Autism Speaks.


Whoa, whoa, hold the fuck up. Where’s this “promoting fear and devaluing of autistic people” crap coming from? All the ads I’m seeing talk about the early signs of autism, not some “autism is evil, destroy it” crap.

"Imagine, if you will, that an organization existed by the name of "Womanhood Speaks," which, on the surface, appeared to be in support of women’s rights.

Now imagine that the governing body of this organization only included members of the male gender, with not one female represented in its ranks.  Imagine that its actual aim was to create a registry of all females and force them to become more masculine, completely disregarding the fact that a majority of females were perfectly content with their womanhood and even found it to be advantageous. Imagine that members of its leadership appeared on popular TV programs talking about the epidemic of womanhood and how it needed to be eradicated.” x

"Instead of focusing on people with disabilities and their own lived experiences, including what they have to bring to the table and their differing opinions on policy and other issues, the focus is on their parents and other loved ones and how disability impacts them. This inherently positions disability as an externality, something that happens to someone else, to people who are not quite real, to faceless and amorphous individuals rather than actual human beings. It also positions disability, typically, as something that requires endless sacrifice, work, and misery from the people around the disabled person. And, of course, it suggests that disabled adults don’t exist.

Autism Speaks and organisations like it silence people with disabilities.” x

Those two quotes, plus this fantastic writeup and link resource, should answer your question.

I will never understand this thing where people get indignant about a controversy they don’t know the first thing about. Google is literally a click away.

Also, check out the deleted section from “Autism Every Day” where Alison Tepper Singer, after saying that she’d like to drive her Autistic daughter off of a bridge, says that it’s only because she had a neurotypical daughter that she didn’t.

oh my god. food fight is an adventure. it’s an ad venture. a venture to put forth a massive ad for food companies. AN ADVERTISEMENT VENTURE

don’t watch food fight ok. for a movie that’s supposed to be about food, there’s a fuckload of like… really unsanitary shit. lots of fart jokes and rotting and ick. ick. and the scientist with the nose? sneezing all over the place? gross. don’t watch food fight. it’s not even an adventure it’s just a sadventure

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my computer isn’t charging and i’m freaking out, brb, i’m going to unplug all of the plugs and try restarting it

had a really intense conversation with my therapist today though, i cried at the wawa afterward and i feel like a sack of rocks

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if you say MOST trolls don’t say gog or jegus, fantrolls look at that and go “whoo, not me, i’m good”

no wait hold on